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Your host:
Kashindi Ausiku, Windhoek, Namibia
Skype ID: kashindikange
Mr Modestus Senalye (Timmie)
Employed by Ministry of Finance
Republic of Namibia
Interview posted on 18.03.2012

1. Welcome to Namambe please tell us how many languages do you speak?
I peak four languages i.e Oshiwambo, English, Afrikaans and Silozi. unfortunately I can only write English and Oshiwambo.

2. Very good, now tell us about yourself?
Timmie, is My nick name, My Name is Modestus Senalye, born in Outapi and grew up in Omushii, a village on the outskirt of Outapi.

3. Where did you go to school?
I attended my Education at Anamulenge, Okavu and David Sheehama respectively. I'm a graduates of Polytechnic of Namibia Academic year 2000, majored in H.R.

4. What do you do for a living?
Currently I'm the Head of Misconduct and Recruitment Section in the Ministry of Finance, but will soon be an employee of Omusati Regional Council - Outapi (Home sweet home).

5. What is your favourite drink?
White Horse on the Rock (white horse on Ice cubes). NB: alcohol abuse is dangerous.

6. What is your favourite book?
Rules of relashionships (I forgot the author).

7. Give us two countries that you like most in the world?
(a) Namibia, my country of birth (b) South Africa - because of the beauty of the Cape Province only.

8. If you were a lady what is the one thing that you won’t do in your life?
I wouldn't engage in prostitution, no matter what.

9. Why do you think English is still a problem in Namibia and what should be done to address the problem?
Because many people are scared to be laughed at when they make blunders, but in fact I believe people are more reluctant to learn or less interested.

10. If you are given a choice to become a Minister, which Ministry are you going to head and what are you going to change first?
I would like to head the Ministry of Justice and I would want to change the speed fine which to me is very abnormal.

11. What is the best thing to do on our independence day next week?
Whereever we are we must come together and cerebrate. (free meat and few drinks, Braai and so on).

12. Why do people seem to enjoy drinking alcohol?
Because they believe it keeps stress away.

13. What should be done to reduce car accidents in Namibia?
People must stop buying their driver's lisences and must stop drinking and driving. It's actually our own irresposible behaviors that cause accidents. Speed does n't kill but reckless driving do.

14. Do you think Africa is the richest continent if so, why do you think there still poverty in African and what should be done to alleviate it?
Of-course Africa is a richest country. The reason why are still living in poverty is because most of African leaders are too greedy and their greediness leads to war and then poverty. It is very difficult to alleviate poverty when war continues. I think the focus first should be placed on ending the war on the  African continent and then we can pay attention to poverty.

15. What is your favourite computer program?
Microsotf Publisher

16. Do you think God has given you a special talent that could benefit Namibia if used effectively? What is it that you are talented in?
Tough one hy' but am good in (onghandeka) don't knw what they call it in english, so if it could become an international sport, am sure one day I will represent Namibia.

17. Any other thing that you would like to share with us?
I would like to tell you that I will get married day...

Thank you so much Timmie for your insight and good approach to life



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