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NAMAMBE: Talent Search Online Talk Show

Your host:
Kashindi Ausiku, Windhoek, Namibia
Skype ID: kashindikange

Ms Saarah Kanime
Location: Otjiwarongo
Interview posted on 23.04.2012


1. Welcome Saara to Namambe please tell us how many languages do you speak?
Thank u Mr. Ausiku,I do speak four Namibian languages.

2. Very good, now tell us about yourself?
I am Saara Kanime. born and grew up  in Uukolonkadhi in the village called Omalyadhila,in Omusati region, and a nurse by profession, after completing my four years diploma with UNAM WHK, currently working for a private company in Otjiwarongo, yes,I have got two angels, a girl and boy.

3. Where did you go to school?
I started my lower primary at Onesi Primary school until Std 6 in our days, then to Outapi Secondary School, currently David Sheehama, until Grade 10, then I went to Onesi Secondary School, it was newly opened, and close to my village where I completed my Grade 12.

4. Why did you become a nurse?
I was named after a nurse, those from Outapi will know her, she was known as Gwakanana, and in oshiwambo we have a saying that [edhina ekogidho], every time we meet she will say my namesake will became a nurse, I think that is what happened, I did not want to disappoint her, and with limited information on career those days ,mostly one will go for nursing or teaching, which I did not like at all.
5. What is your favourite book?
No specific book I grab any book which attracts my attention, when I come across one.

6. Give us two countries that you like most in the world?
Namibia and Tanzania.

7. If you were a Namibian man what is the one thing that you won’t do in your life?
I will never beat up a woman or child.

8. Why do you think it is good for a man to marry one woman?
Umf!, nowdays, it will help to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

9. If you are given one million Namibian dollars today how are you going to spend it?
Wow! I will pay off my house, and extend it, I will buy one of my ever dreamed car, and invest the rest for my kids studies, and my retirement.

10. What makes you very excited?
A smile on my two angels'face wow, a day should not go without it.

11. Why do people seem to enjoy drinking alcohol?
I think, it has become a habit, where good friends meet  at the bar, then keep busy by what we call enjoying by drinking, making people feels so good, I think.

12. Why can’t we produce all our medicines in Namibia?
I am not really sure ,since it never crosses my mind because I don’t deal with medicine supply pharmacy does that, but I think it is a business to the manufacturers, and maybe it has to do with policies, which must be passed and approved by the body concerned, e.g WHO, I am not really aware, if it was something which was given a thought or try.

13. When first did you use Facebook and how is it going now?
Since last year (2011), it’s good u learn a lot, be informed in many things, but again bad because you see things u really not intend to see, or hear,

14. Any other thing that you would like to tell our youth?
They must use time efficiently to achieve their dreams today, tomorrow will be too late.


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