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NAMAMBE: Talent Search Online Talk Show

Your host:
Kashindi Ausiku, Windhoek, Namibia
Skype ID: kashindikange

Mr Gosbertus Ausiku yaNamwandi
HR Practitioner, UNAM
Location: Ongwediva
Interview posted on 27.03.2012

Unfortunately left this world in
February 2016

    • 1. Welcome to Namambe please tell us how many languages do you speak?
      I speak Oshimbaanhu nawa nawa, English very well, Afrikaans (Shomo Street) and a small bit of Otjiherero and Rukwangali...

    • 2. Very good, now tell us about yourself?
      My Name is Gosbertus (please if you cannot pronounce it don't even try) Ausiku Namambe yaKamhaku kaNamwandi (famously known as Goosi). I am named after Kashindi Ausiku's father... I am a Mbalanhu by birth nda valelwa po Onaitembu (poushiinda woKaye Kongwe)..

    • 3. Where did you go to school?
      I attended my primary school at Anamulenge Primary School, and then went to Okavu (now John Pandeni) Combined School. From Okavu I went to Anamulenge Junior Secondary School for Grade 11 and finally completed my matric at Yambalantu Osekundo Sikola (now David Sheehama Secondary School). I completed my tertiary education at the Polytechnic of Namibia, where I did Public Administration majored in Accounting…

    • 4. What do you do for a living?
      I am currently employed by the University of Namibia as a Human Resources Officer (responsible for Hifikepunye Pohamba and Oshakati Campuses) and part time businessman. (I am a co-owner of a company called GJG Computers CC) in Ondangwa.

    • 5. Who is your role model?
      I believe we are all unique in our own ways. All we need is courage to do what we think is best for ourselves. Yes, one can admire what the other people had achieved, but that will never make you successful as that person.

    • 6. What is your favourite book?
      “Wanashipolo aya nomwenyo mofuka”..This story ohayi ningifange nee omahwilili (please translate) when I am reading so I only read this book during the day. I have kept this book since my secondary school days.

    • 7. How did you celebrate our independence anniversary last week?
      I am currently studying, so I had taken advantage of the public holiday to do my assignments since I don't have much of the time due to pressure of work....

    • 8. If you were a lady what is the one thing that you won’t do in your life?
      Never and never sell myself for money no matter what...

      9. What do you think will happen to motorists during the coming months as the US is trying to enforce sanctions against Iran? Is there anything that citizens of the world can do to address the situation?
      Iran being the second-largest member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), this means that the price of crude oil on the international markets will be affected and Namibia too will feel the pinch. With the oil price hitting the highest record in history selling at N$ 10.00 (plus) per liter the future doesn’t looks bright at all. I think if US go ahead and enforce sanctions against Iran; the motorists are in for a big surprise.
      I doubt if there is something that we as citizen of the world could do apart from moaning and groaning. With almost the whole of Europe and Japan backing the US after they were threatened with financial cut from the US financial services, it is obvious that US will always get want she wanted and get away with it.

    • 10. If you are given a choice to become a Minister, which Ministry are you going to head and what are you going to change first?
      Minister of Regional Local Government, Housing and Rural Development. My goal will be to accelerate the process of decentralization in order to enhance the provision of service delivery to the grassroots citizens of this country.

    • 11. Why do people seem to enjoy drinking alcohol?
      I too sometimes wonder as to why. But I see no other reason besides entertainment.

    • 12. What should be done to reduce car accidents in Namibia?
      Suspend the driving license of anyone caught violating traffic rules. I think in this way we will keep dangerous drivers off our roads.

    • 13. Do you think God has given you a special talent that could benefit Namibia if used effectively? What is it that you are talented in?
      I don’t know whether this is a talent or a coincidence. I have majored in Accounting, but ends up working as a Human Resources Officer. I left the HR and become a College Administrator, but at the merger of the University and the Colleges, the University decided to appoint me as a Human Resources Officer again. I think this is what God wanted me to do.

    • 14. Any other thing that you would like to share with us?
      “People, be content with what you have, or otherwise work hard for what you don’t have. But working hard in this regard does not include corruption.

      Thank you Daddy for your insight!

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