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NAMAMBE: Talent Search Online Talk Show

Pandeinge Shawty-p Moses
Student: Institute of Bankers
Self-taught Sketch Artist

Interview Posted on 22.09.13

Skype ID: kashindikange

Your Host: Kashindi Ausiku
Location: Windhoek
Republic of Namibia


1. Welcome to the show Pandeinge, Please tell us more about yourself

Well pleasure is all mine, I'm glad to be here. I'm a 23 year old lady, born and bred in Ongwediva by a single mother.

2. What do you do for a living?

I'm a student at the Institute Of Bankers and also a sketch artist, I mainly sketch and frame portraits of clients or whatever else they want me to sketch for them, but usually they request portraits of themselves or their loved ones.

3. When did you start with sketching and what inspires you?

Growing up, I was a bit of an introvert, I spent a lot of my time alone, sketching and painting whatever my little imagination could offer, that have always been one of my favourite moments, painting and sketching calm me a lot. .I've been sketching for as long as I can remember.
As an artist, I try not to limit myself on inspirations. I observe a lot and sometimes random things around me just gets me inspired. Sometimes I could be taking a walk, then suddenly I see something that gets me thinking about the next project....surfing the net, watching videos, natural surroundings, memories, the list is really endless.

4. How many sketches did you draw so far?

Countless....I sketch almost every day, some art pieces I keep them, some I sell, some I give away. It's really hard to say

5. How long does it take you to draw a sketch?

Well that depends on the paper size that I'm using and detail. I'll roughly say 2-8 hours though, but one thing, I hardly leave unfinished work for the next day. I usually sketch in the evenings, during the day, I go about other things.

6. There are three main types of sketches namely (1) Courtroom sketches that record scenes and individuals in law courts(2) Composite sketches that are drawn to help authorities find or identify wanted people and (3) Street sketches that are popular in tourist areas and drawn within minutes, which are ones are you able to draw?

Street Sketches But I badly want to go and study in order to become a Courtroom artist though, just to be able to record scenes and individuals in law courts, would be a dream come true. Emotions in courtrooms are just undeniable and so intense, I'd love to capture all that
7. What types of challenges do you face in your drawing career?

Being an artist in Namibia isn’t the easiest thing, for one, Namibia is under-populated and still very much developing, so you can imagine how hard it is to fully market yourself and many of them are yet to open up to the real beauty of art. Everyone knows a thing or two about art, but how many do truly understand and cherish it or willing to pay for it for what it's worth? Exactly!!!
Some of us are simply paving the way for future artists, I personally don't get to see a lot of female sketch artists in Namibia, which breaks my heart. I hope with all I've done, doing and yet to do, I hope I inspire a couple of them at least. Art industry in Namibia is male-dominated and I want to change that.

8. What type of assistance do you need in order to develop and promote your natural talent?

Since the time I opened up to the public about my art world, I've received plenty of emotional support, but no enough financial assistance. I sketch from my flat, but what I really need is a studio, a fully equipped art studio, that will really make my work easier, there are a couple of things, I just can't afford on my own right now. Some marketing assistance would help too, I need as much exposure as I can take.

9. What was your most exciting moment in life?

I've a lot, but can I at least nail them down to two? My most exciting personal moment, was the day I gave birth to my cute little champ, few years ago, it was such an amazing day. And then recently, I got the honour to sit and personally hand over a portrait of our founding father, Dr. Sam Shafiishuna Nujoma to him, by me. I had so many emotions within me that day and having media there, just made it feel more surreal, but by the end of the day, I sat back and thought to myself "Yes, you made it, one step further up the ladder." I respect that man, he deserved it.

10. Is there something that you would like to share with our youth in Namibia?

Well I just want my fellow Namibian youth to really realize that the future is ours and the next generation(s) whatever we do or don't do now, can have a big impact on the future. Don't just sit around and wait for help to come to you, go out there and do what you can do, be what you can be. Be innovative, get inspired, keep pushing to see live your dream, (dreaming about it won't help you).

11. If you are given a donation of 1 million dollars how are you going to spend it?

I would open a beautiful art school, get a couple of established or experienced artists to help me run it and together, we will help young artists become what they truly want to be in the art world. On top of that, I would open and run very successful businesses of portraits, printing shops, interior design, etc And with whatever I can, I would treat my son and my mom, they deserve it.

12. What are your future plans?

I want to finish the course I'm currently doing, then hopefully I will leave Namibia for a while to go study certain arts somewhere out there. Come back and open up my businesses (I doubt I ever I want to work for someone directly/for too long)

13. How can you be contacted by people who need sketches.

Anyone interested in my art work, can kindly contact me on my email and Facebook account Pandeinge Shawty-p Moses

Some of her artwork

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