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Ms Kristofina Ndeshuuva Ashuulu
Upcoming Entrepreneur

Interview Posted on 8 May 2015

Skype ID: kashindikange

Your Host: Kashindi Ausiku
Location: Windhoek
Republic of Namibia


1. Welcome Kristofina to Namambe, what has been your sweetest surprise in life?

Giving birth to my daughter on my birthday, I didn't expect it, she is such an angel and my birthday’s present from God

2. What is your favourite colour and food?

I like light pink and love to eat spinach mixed with cheese and pap.

3.   What did you want to become when you were a child?

A Nurse , I enjoyed helping my late grandfather when I was young, because he was very old hopeless and suffered from stroke so we had to take care of him 24/7, feeding him, turning him on the bed and take him outside so he can get some fresh air. In addition my aunt has been a nurse, so she really inspired me. I always wanted to work like her when I grow up because she was always looking perfect in her white uniform.

4. What was your favourite toy as a kid?

An old blue big teddy bear which my aunt bought from DAPP

5. If your home is on fire, what three things would you try to grab and save?

My kids

6. Please tell us more about yourself?

I am the first born of my parents. I was born in the mid 80s at Oshikuku and was raised by my aunt in Ongwediva from 1987, most people call me by my middle name Ndeshuuva. I am a very hardworking and business minded person. I was inspired by my uncles; namely Tate Kalindi, LG and Champ Styles. I am following in their footsteps.

Furthermore I love reading and hanging around the elders, listening to their tales especially at work. You can find me with the elders cracking out jokes with them.

I am very passionate about photography since 2006 and I want to own a photo studio by the year 2030, (Ndeshuuva's dream) I want to make my Mom proud, one day.

7. What else do you do for a living?

I am a professional photographer and I also do Event planning (wedding, kitchen parties and baby showers) and décor.

8. How would you describe life in Oshakati?

I would say life in Oshakati is good,  the crime rate has decreased, thanks to Inspector Fonseca who during her time in Oshakati empowered the youth to fight against crime and I guessed the unemployment rate has also decreased. .

9. If you are to get married what is that you will not do on your wedding day?

I will not wear make-ups, because I prefer to look natural.

10. List all towns in Namibia that you have visited so far?

WalvisBay, Windhoek, Ruacana, Tsumeb , Swakopmund, Oshikango, Oshikuku, Outapi, Onesi, Tsandi, Okahao and Omuthiya.


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