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Albertina Tulimekondjo Ndeufiilwa yaNangolo.
Senior Education Officer, Omusati
Interview Posted on
10 May 2017

Welcome to Namambe, it is a great pleasure to have you.

1. What is your favourite colour?
I don't have a specific favourite colour. I love the combination of colours in the rainbow.

2. I have seen that on Face book are known as Kala Nombili, what does it mean and which ones are your formal names?

An aunt use to calm me with the phrase "kala nombili sheeli" whenever I get upset. She taught me that irrespective of the hardship I encounter in life (which is obviously inevitable), I should always Kala = remain, Nombili = peaceful.

My formal name is Albertina Tulimekondjo Ndeufiilwa yaNangolo.
Most people prefer to call me Tina. Which is taken from Albertina. And those who are very close to my heart call me Kandeu or Ndeufiilwa.

3. Please tell us about yourself. (where you grew up, went to school and work experience)
I grew up in Oshima village, Ombalantu and that is where I still live. I attended grade 1 - 10 at Nakayale JP & SP. Grade 11 - 12 at Ombalantu SS now known as David Sheehama SS.

Worked at the Ministry of Education as teacher Onelago CS & DAPP... Head of department (Ekangolinene CS) and currently a Senior Education Officer (Professional Development Division - Omusati Directorate of Education)

4. What makes you tick?
Love, is what makes me tick. To love is to live! To love is Peace.
Curiosity, I always want to know how, why and when.
Excelling, I have this uncontrollable urge to excel in everything I do.

5. How do you describe your typical day?
Going out in the field visiting schools to render support to teachers and learners in return. It is either that, or being in the office attending to work related issues.

6. What are your hobbies?
I enjoy reading motivational books. I am currently re-reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and Taking Charge of my Classroom & School by Saki T. Nikodemus

I love traveling abroad visiting new places and meeting people.

7. Who is your role model (s)? and people who played great role in your life?
Growing up to date, my mom and uncle Efraim have been my role model. They worked so hard to make sure I had everything I needed to excel. Then there were my teachers. I wanted to become a teacher to be just like them. I wanted to walk, talk and be just like Mrs. Bernadette Mukulu - Mojekwu and I wanted to speak English perfectly like Mrs. Kim Everett who believed my in dreams without judging. When I told her my dream of becoming a President she pushed me study hard... I might not be a President yet but I am still working on it! Keep a lookout!

8. Do you remember the best day and the worse days in your life, days that you will never forget?

The Best day would be when my daughter L'Oréal-Etuna was born. I will never forget that day.
Worst days are a phenomenon. I can write a book about them. I am however wired to focus on the positive side of life.
Happy days are unforgettable.

10. What is your favourite sport team and why?

I am Gunners for life. I support Arsenal. My uncle Tito introduced me to soccer when he returned home from exile. I remember we were watching the 1998 World Cup and he was supporting France. It was only right that I supported France too. I realised later on that most players from France play for Arsenal. My love for Arsenal comes from the former players. They were brilliant. I have been faithful to my team since then.

11. What do you enjoy most in your profession as a senior education officer?
I enjoy assisting teachers and rendering support to ensure quality teaching and learning takes place. I as well enjoy training teachers, sharing knowledge, skills and experiences.
When teachers implement the curriculum effectively, it motivates me to do more.
Overall, I enjoy knowing that I play a role in assisting teachers provide quality education to the future generations.

12. Which countries have you visited so far and which one impressed you the most and why?
I have visited UK, USA and SA so far.
When I visited the UK, I stayed in a small town called Goole in Yorkshire. I was fascinated by how much people value and maintain their culture.

13. If you are given the power and money, what is that you are going to change first in your home town, Outapi?
Education open doors to all kinds of development. I would start by doing away with schools that are money making schemes and building schools with strong culture of performance.

14. Do you agree with the statement that people fail because of English?
Literally that does happen. However, there are other contributing factors to failing English. One could be that of neglecting Mother tongue. People tend to forget that for one to learn Second language effectively, one needs a strong foundation of Mother Tongue.

15. In your opinion what should we do in Namibia to reduce gender-based violence (GBV)?
Pray without ceasing.
*Educate men and women about the value of life, peace, love, mutual respect and forgiveness*.
Or perhaps go the drastic route, make amendments in our Constitution so punishment is severe.

16. Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years?

Studying further. Having constructed a primary school in my community as my way of giving back. To have reached one of my dreams and become an Inspector of Education or even better.

17. Any other thing you would like to share with us?

Just to thank Namambe for the interview.


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